FKT: Sean Michael - Chinook Pass Loop (WA) - 2019-07-27

Route variation
Standard route
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Total time
5h 36m 54s

Several more photos on Strava.

First solo ultra, unsupported! No views, but what a route! An Elk scared the shit out of me near Chinook Pass. PCT is super runnable. Laughingwater creek trail is a trail running dream below Three Lakes. Skipped the Grove because of the conga line. Eastside trail to the finish beat me into a pulp. I was so grateful for a dip in the river at the end of this. Unfortunately, I'm still not 100%, and I'm not as fit as I was for Miwok, so I'll have to come back for the views and an even faster time ;)

I also hope this sparks some faster times (although I'll have to check Strava times on this route). I know that people can run it much faster. I think if I came back healthy and trained I could go sub 5. I'll be curious to see what happens in the near future.