FKT: Sean O'Keeffe - The WaLK - 2023-03-19

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3h 45m 14s
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When I heard that there was an FKT in my backyard had to give it a go. The first half was more like a tour of HS2 and there's a few diversions including a fence straight across the route with no signs but will be very easy to navigate once HS2 is gone. Once over the A46 the route was very pleasant  A great way to see the countryside paths in what is a fairly densely populated, if pretty, part of the midlands. Some road on course, just to link up some footpaths and I was sorely tempted to just take the canel towpath home whenever I was going over or turning off of it! 2 castles, 2 golf courses and at this time of year many many lambs kept it interesting.

Between diversions and mud there's easily some time left on the table for this one in the summer months!