FKT: Sean O'Rourke - Glacier Peak (WA) - 2017-08-16

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8h 38m 0s

On August 16, 2017, I ran Glacier via the North Sauk route in 8h38 (or 8h40 according to Strava) round-trip (5h to the summit). The fastest previous time I found for this route is Todd Kilcup's 10h46 on August 18, 2016: . I had hoped to beat Doug McKeever's White Chuck time, but this route is substantially longer (32.5 miles and 10.5k gain according to my GPS). It can probably be done in under 8 hours by a faster runner, as it is a runner's course, but this is about the best I can do.

For gear, I carried running-shoe crampons and no axe. The crampons felt necessary, as there was some bare ice on the col between Gerdine and Cool Glaciers. There was one thought-provoking crevasse near the top of the Cool Glacier, but things were otherwise pretty tame, and most of the snow/ice is low-angle enough that an axe isn't necessary.

Strava, trip report.