FKT: Sean Ranney - Tahoe Rim Trail (CA) - 2015-07-12

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2d 3h 45m 0s

Tomorrow morning (Friday, 7/10/15) around 5.00 AM I’ll be taking off on a single push effort on the TRT, hoping to match Mike Tebbutt's intimidating time of 54h 17m. I’ll be leaving from Spooner Summit trailhead and going counterclockwise, following the unsupported FKT ethos of no assistance, stashes, or resupplies, and will only drink from natural sources. Phone will mostly be off but should track to spotwalla as I come into cell range. Link is below. I'll check back in and post how it goes.

Adventure awaits!!

Update - Success!!  Managed to make it around the lake in 51h 45m, starting at 5.07 AM on 7/10/15 and finishing at 8.52 AM on 7/12/15.  Mike Tebbutt was able to be there to verify the finish time, and the tracker should now be updated to show the whole trip.  I'll post a full report and more details as I get it put together, any questions or specific details feel free to shoot me an email at seanranney at gmail dot com or look me up on facebook    

Finished the trip report, check it out here: