FKT: Sébastien Roulier - Presidential Traverse (NH) - 2015-03-14

Route variation
double traverse
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
14h 40m 0s

On March 14 2015, with winter conditions, solo and unsupported, I ran-hiked the Double Presidential Traverse.

I couldn't claim the FKT because of 2 détails: my turnaround was Appalachia (Daniel-Webster is not hiked during winter) and I didn't include Pierce summit in my run.
By posting here, I just want to give another reference for someone who wants to attempt this incredible run.

I manage to run the first half from Mt Clinton Rd Parking to Appalachia (including Madison summit) in 6h32. The weather changed drastically on my way back (in 8h08) for a total run time oh 14h40.
I don't have any GPS route available, only my credibility as an ultra-runner (
Here is a video of my journey:

Happy trail

Sébastien (from Sherbrooke, Qc, Can)


Jeff List commented:  great job! nothing wrong with letting Appalachia be the turnaround for a winter or summer double, in my opinion. But shoot, hitting Pierce twice would only have costed you 20 minutes max.