FKT: Seth Greiner - Adena Trace (IN) - 2023-05-20

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4h 24m 18s
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I ran this counterclockwise starting at the south east end and heading north. I got mixed up twice on the fairfield trail twice on the east side and got mixed up on the wolf creek trail when crossing the creek - costing me a total of 15 mintues. I took 22 ounces of water which was perfect for the day. Luckily, the day wasn't too warm but it was rainy for the first 45 minutes and muddy for the whole day. The trail was surprisingly difficult to follow on wolf creek. Went from south to north in 2:05 and then south to north in about 2:05 as well and the rest was the little sections on the dam and causeway. I think if the trail was clear and I navigated better a sub 4 time is possible for me.