FKT: Seth Huber - Chute n’ Crack Canyons Loop (UT) - 2021-04-18

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1h 55m 51s

First off what a great loop! It gives a great sampling of what the San Rafael Swell has to offer all packed into 12ish miles. 

I started and ended at Crack Canyon trailhead but I would recommend starting and ending at Chute Canyon trailhead. Ending with the road climb is brutal after having run 10 or so miles through sandy gravel. 

I got slightly turned around on the connector trail between the two canyons. The trail is faint in places and hard to follow. Also once the connector trail drops into the Chute Canyon mouth run straight up the canyon not up the wash to your right (assuming you ran down Crack Canyon). 

I ended up tracking the loop at 12.8 miles rather than Jason’s 12 miles. Maybe due to the canyon messing with gps or my few moments of getting turned around. 

Here’s my Strava link for anyone who is interested

This loop is definitely worth doing, in my opinion it’s one of the finest non-technical canyon loops of this distance in the area. 


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Excellent effort and excellent write up Seth!

Stoked to see people getting after these non-technical/semi-technical canyon loops!