FKT: Shane Ison - Ha Ling Peak to Mt Lawrence Grassi (AB, Canada) - 2016-06-03

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Route variation
Finish date
Total time
3h 56m 1s

I took a little more direct route up regular the ha ling route and down via regular grassi route (although I hadn't done it before and think i took a little detour). Still tons of room for improvement although i don't think it will be by me :).  Although I just noticed I didn't hit miners peak.

Car to car, unsupported time of  3:56:01 


Note that Jamie Junker gave Shane full credit despite missing Miners Peak:

Well done Shane, sub 4 hours for this route already achieved. The true summit of Miner's is mislabeled, you passed within spitting distance of the true summit and since it would add maybe a few mins and take zero technical skills your new time is the one to beat imo! This route is pretty tricky, can't see being able to ever take the same way twice, nice work.