FKT: Shane Johnstone - Cape to Cape Track - 2023-12-09

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14h 49m 26s
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This was my second adventure on the Cape to Cape track, in an attempt to challenge the new FKT set by Mackenzie about six weeks ago. Felt strong from the start but made a costly detour early on for approximately 3km. Fortunately I was able to keep my calm about it and turn it into a positive focal point. It possibly made me push a bit harder and place a greater emphasis on being efficient at support stations. It was a beautiful day but possibly too warm for an all out effort. 27 degrees meant that regular aid stops were necessary and I had to adopt a few extra cooling strategies. I had a pacer pretty much the whole way with amazing friends and family. I even had a couple local trail runners from Margaret River Trail Runners come and join me and show some of the best lines through the technical parts, what an awesome community! Managed to finish in daylight so no headlamp was required all day. Only 2 snakes seen towards the end. Plenty of sand! Completed the trademark shoey to finish off the big day. Look forward to seeing the next challenger take it on.