FKT: Shane Lynch - Wicklow Round (Ireland) - 2019-04-21

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
16h 23m 32s

My official time was 16h23min32s and the splits I recorded at each summit are...
Start 4am
Kippure 4.32
Carrigvore 5.20
Gravale 5.36
Duff Hill 5.51
Mullaghcleevaun East top 6.07
Mullaghcleevaun 6.18
Moanbane 6.42
Silsean 6.54
Oakwood 7.54
Table Mountain 8.30
Camenabologue 8.43
Lugnaquilla 9.34
Corrigasleggaun 9.48
Carrawaystick 9.58
Drumgoff 10.37
Mullacor 11.27
Derrybawn 11.52
Camaderry 12.56
Tonelagee 1.58
Scarr 2.52
Knocknacloghoge 3.50
Lugalla 4.26
Djouce 5.36
War Hill 5.50
Tonduff North 6.17
Prince William Seat 7.40
Knocknagun 7.53
Finish 8:23.32

Whoa, I really enjoyed this challenge, the planning and preparation, carrying it out and reflecting over the course after (which no doubt i’ll do for some time to come!)

On the day, fears of fog never materialised, I had perfect visibility from the off. I did have to contend with heat, but it was never an issue (thanks Mick for the loan of your sun hat at Drumgoff). Existing niggles didn’t hamper my run and the mind only wavered briefly a couple of times. I did change my nutrition after getting sick on table mountain and survived the rest of the day on pizza, bacon, coke, water and oranges. Oranges never tasted so good!

My biggest feelings of thanks are of course for Karalee and Neil (and Mike for a large part of the day). They were an unreal support crew - they were so streamlined and ensured everything was spot-on before I set off on the next section. They certainly saved me at least the slim 4 minutes (I took off the record) with their efficiency. On what is a solo challenge it felt like a team!

I’m looking forward to following future attempts of the round. Some of the best lines have yet to be established and some more of these will no doubt be found this summer. Paddy was a true sportsman on the day and hopefully he will get back to run the round again soon and we can see what he can do with a cleaner run and better conditions.

Having completed the round, I can see myself watching every round with interest - there are so many variables that need to go right on the day and I am very grateful that so many went my way Sunday!