FKT: Sharleen Stevens - Black Elk Peak (SD) - 2020-06-27

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1h 24m 42s

I was originally planning to run this on Friday, June 26th, but due to multiple rainpours, I waited a day for the trail to dry out. I began on Saturday the 27th at 6:08 a.m. I started out with tired legs, but loosened up a mile into the climb. I felt strong in the climbing and taking the steps to the tower. I touched the marker 48 minutes into the run and headed right back down. I'm happy to report my bum knee held up and I had no trips or falls. I wanted to try my hand at Black Elk Peak FKT since no other woman has done it. I'm not sure why no one has submitted, but hopefully this will start a trend and friendly competition. I did have a GoPro with me and will get a video out soon. However, it will be my first time making a video, so we'll see how that goes.