FKT: Shaun Luther - Blue Marsh Lake Circumnavigation (PA) - 2019-04-07

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
3h 37m 15s

My run started at the Notice Board in State Gamelands parking lot at Just Rd at 11:03 AM on 7 April 2019. This was an unsupported run. I carried about 30 oz of water and 4 Gu packets. I ran counter clockwise around the lake. See Strava data. My route was 17.64 miles and took me 3:37:15. The route I selected was a combination of the marked trail around the lake, bushwhacking, cross country running, and some road. I chose this parking lot to start because it left what was probably the deepest and longest ford at Spring Creek within a mile of the finish. I didn’t want to have a lot of running left to do if I was soaking wet and cold. As it was, it was only thigh deep and felt really refreshing.

Future FKT attempts: Since this is a loop, I don’t think future attempts have to start and end where I did. For that matter, at this point I don’t think direction around the lake matters. The spirit of this FKT is how fast can you get around the WHOLE lake.