FKT: Shawn Bubany - Huckleberry Loop Trail (Margaretville, NY) - 2020-10-03

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2h 17m 46s
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I started and finished at the Huckleberry Brook Rd trailhead register going counter-clockwise. I ran solo and carried water and gels. Even after doing some recon on the first three miles and having the route on my watch, I had to stop and search for the trail within a few minutes. As others have mentioned, most of the southwestern section between the road crossings is overgrown making it real tough to stay on the trail. I’d been waiting to give this a go until the fall when there’d be less overgrowth and the trail would be more established which was mostly the case. However the leaves on the ground camouflaged the trail making it difficult to follow most of the way. I lost the trail for a stretch a little over 3 miles in - I veered to the outside of the loop and then was able to get back to it after slowing down to navigate. There were a handful of other times I had to stop and look around and/or backtrack. The temp was in the forties and the trail was fairly dry despite some rain previously in the week. Overall this is a challenging but fun and scenic Catskill route. The overgrown section obviously poses the greatest challenge. The trail has some smooth sections that allow for fast paced running including long downhill stretches, but much of the trail is covered in the typical Catskill rocks and roots. There’s older growth pine and hemlock patches of forest. The Dry Brook Ridge is the highlight with rocky ledges and overlooks. Its definitely a quiet trail with a remote vibe. I agree with Mike Siudy that someone could do this loop in 2 hours and even go under 2 hours with the right conditions and smooth navigation.