FKT: Shawna Troupe - Grand Teton Picnic (WY) - 2023-08-13

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Total time
13h 55m 45s

Yesterday (8/13) I completed the Grand Teton Picnic solo and unsupported. I started at Town Square in Jackson at about 4:55am, with a backpack with all my run/swim gear including an inflatable pull buoy, wet suit, goggles, swim cap, water filter, and snacks. When I got to Jenny lake I locked my bike at the overlook (with several other bikes - other picnic-ers out yesterday!) and changed into my wet suit. I packed my trail running pack along with layers, water filter, shoes, and safety gear into my inflatable buoy, attached it to my waist, and began my swim across the lake. When I got across the lake I stashed my swim gear in a bush near the boat dock, changed into my running clothes, and started to Lupin Meadows. I filtered water with my Katadyn BeFree at several streams along the way as I made my way up to Lower Saddle. As I made my way up the Owen Spalding, I carefully climbed around the ice/snow from recent storms as I made my way to the summit. After having a brief Quesadilla picnic on the summit, I downclimbed the Owen Spalding and got slightly off course on the downclimb after upper saddle, climbing a gully skiiers left of the main descent gully. After traversing back right to get back on track, I made my way back down the moraine and descended the fixed ropes. After snacking and filtering water several more times, I made it back to the Lupin Meadows trailhead and ran the valley trail back to the boat dock at Jenny Lake where I had stashed my wet suit. I packed my run gear back into my dry bag buy, reinflated the buoy, filtered water, and avoided the shuttle boats to start my swim. After a rough, windy swim back across Jenny Lake, I packed away my swim and run gear, hopped back on my bike, and made my way back to Town Square. I made it back to the elk antler arches in 13:55 at approximately 6:50pm!