FKT: Sheri L. Foster - Canmore Quad (AB, Canada) - 2015-08-23

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11h 28m 1s

Girl Power!!! 

Completed the Canmore Quad yesterday (Sunday, August 23, 2015)

Start time: 7:57am. 

Total time: 11:28:01.

Run Stats:

Started on the west side of the vehicle bridge over the Bow River on Rundle Road (near the boat launch)

Elapsed time to summit of Grotto: 2:18:56

Elapsed time to summit of Lady MacDonald: 4:54:45

Elapsed time to summit of East End Of Rundle (EEOR): 8:27:49

Elapsed time to summit of Ha Ling: 10:20:34

Weather: Bluebird. 6 degrees at start with a high of 25 degrees in Canmore.

Support: Solo over to Alpine Club of Canada Clubhouse and hiked up Grotto, jogged back down to Cougar Creek. Met my good-friend adventure buddy (Kevin Noble) to go up/down Lady MacDonald. Left Kevin at the Lady Mac trailhead and ran back to my car at Bow River. Quick change and made my way up dusty Spray Lakes Road solo. Met Kevin on EEOR at 2050m and hiked up EEOR and jogged back down to Spray Lakes Road. Solo up/down Ha Ling and returned to car solo.