FKT: Sheryl Wheeler - Northville - Lake Placid Trail (NY) - 2011-06-16

Route Variation
Standard route
Finish Date
Time (duration)
1d 11h 13m

Sheryl Wheeler run strated June 15 5:03 am IN Lake Placid at millatery rd and Averyville rd with one timer started and 1.2 miles later when she went in on the 122 mile trail part started a second timer. She finished the 122 mile part in 35hrs 13 min beating the old time of Tim Seaver of 37hrs 31 mins. Then keep going the last 10.5 mile to Northville to the Sign, where the trail station was, in 39:16mins. No known time supported was known for the 133 mile
The Mayor of Northville and welcome people from the town were there to present her with a certificate for her feat.