FKT: Shona Cooper, Lee-Stuart Evans - Regicides Trail (CT) - 2019-04-07

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Finish date
Total time
4h 20m 27s

Lee-Stuart Evans wrote:

This is my favourite trail in CT. It also has a strong affinity as the Judges 'Regicides' that the trail is named after executed Charles I. I hold the FKT on the 625 mile Monarch's Way in the UK which followed the footsteps of a young Charles II on the run from Cromwells army. Later in life it was Charles II that sent bounty hunters to the USA to kill Whalley and Goffe who hid in the Judges Caves on this trail. 

This record is also another personal record. I reviewed, took photos and video for 7 pieces of different outdoor gear during the hike !