FKT: Simon Beedell, Hugh Beedell - Round Aylesbury Walk (United Kingdom) - 2020-11-01

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1h 59m 24s

I would advise that anyone wishing to run this that they wait until it has been dry for several weeks.  There were several sections where paths were flooded with about a foot of water for stretches of 30m. There was a football pitch that looked more like a small lake that we had to run around.

The markings were not always great, so you would need to have the GPX with you to avoid missing any turns. The main points that were not clear were:

  • After crossing the A413 you need to head in a Northerly direction (if you're going anti-clockwise round) and then take a right into a new housing development. One you get to the end of it take a left and then you should be able to see the kissing gate. Stay in the field rather than crossing the river
  • After crossing the A41 you will run through a building site and the path is not obvious but you need to be heading further left rather than straight on. There is a house that the path goes behind so if you see that then aim for it
  • Once you get to the canal just after Broughton you will not be able to get across it. There is building work so it is all boarded up. You will need to take a short detour along the canal so take a left and head west until you get to the road.  Take a right at the road and head north west along the road and you can then take a right to get back on track and head into the new housing development The attached picture shows the route we took and it also shows that OS Maps on Bing does not have the housing development

I would estimate that about a third of this loop is on tarmac paths so the fact that it is labelled as footpaths is a little misleading.

Overall it provided a nice challenge for the day and without the FKT route in mind I would have probably turned back once faced with the rivers we had to run through.