FKT: Simon Duke - Pioneer Women's Walking Trail (SA, Australia) - 2022-01-26

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round trip
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6h 43m 13s

Started at 6:15pm sharp on 25/01/22 from Hahndorf on an unsupported solo attempt. Had great fun but had to push all the way. Finished at 12:54:39am on the 26/01/22 but accidentally pressed 'resume' on Strava when walking back to car resulting in 6h43m13s elapsed time - rookie error! Thanks Damien Teney for establishing the route and also Sonja Jansen for setting a challenging time to aim for. Will be keen to give this at least one more go in cooler weather. I assume a bit easier to start and finish in the city to get the worst elevation out of the way on fresher legs but enjoyed trying to align my attempt with the 'ethic' and history of the trail.   

Got water from the bubblers at Stirling and Trailhead proper in both directions.

Some great scenery and variety along the route too :)