FKT: Simon Duke, Rurik Symon, Dan Camac - Heysen Trail (South Australia) - 2022-07-22

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12d 8h 20m 0s

Rurik Symon, Dan Camac, Marcus Staker and Simon Duke set off from the Heysen Trail Parachilna Gorge Trailhead (northern trailhead) at 6:01am on Sunday 10 July and made their way along the entire length of the Heysen Trail over coming days to complete the entire length concluding at 2:21pm on Friday July 22 giving a total elapsed time of 12 days, 8 hours, 20 minutes and 0 seconds. Unfortunately due to an ankle injury Marcus had to conclude around 400kms in, however Rurik, Dan and Simon completed the full distance.

The 6:01am start time is a small way to remember and honour friend Randell Taylor who was tragically killed in a cycling incident in November 2021. Randell was a key figure in a weekly trail running group called the Chambers Crushers that start at 6am religiously, however Randell was often just running late and the Chambers Crushers running group now starts at 6:01am every week in Randell's memory. 

The run was a fully supported attempt with an amazing crew and support runners.

The current route as per the Heysen Trail GPX on the official Heysen Trail website was used. At Mount Lofty, the route followed the Mt Lofty Botanic Gardens descent as per David Turnbull's FKT in 2017.

Many photo's taken throughout with GPS tracking (via SPOT Trackers) and each runner's Strava also available (just Simon's Strava has been uploaded for verification purposes.

A fuller trip report to be provided in due course but this being submitted by a still recovering runner :)

Summary of each days stats below. Time is moving time not elapsed time in this table.

RunSun, 10/07/2022  HeysenE2E Day 1: Parachilna Gorge - Blacks Gap                      10:11:45      81.22km     1,585 m

RunMon, 11/07/2022  Heysen E2E Day 2: Blacks Gap - Buckaringa North                     11:43:14      93.60km     1,060 m

RunTue, 12/07/2022   HeysenE2E Day 3: Buckaringa North - Waukarie Camp               14:10:07     98.09 km    2,476 m

RunWed, 13/07/2022  HeysenE2E Day 4: Waukarie Camp - White Park Rd                   12:08:31     82.80km     1,954 m

RunThu, 14/07/2022   HeysenE2E Day 5: White Park Rd - Lehmann’s Rd                      13:36:43     95.64km     1,864 m

RunFri, 15/07/2022     HeysenE2E Day 6: Lehmanns Rd - Hallet                                     14:50:30     98.95km     1,391 m

RunSat, 16/07/2022    HeysenE2E Day 7: Hallet - Worlds End Campground                   16:54:40    103.31km    1,735 m

RunSun, 17/07/2022   HeysenE2E Day 8: Worlds End Campground - Cornvale Rd.       14:22:56     84.20km     1,566 m

RunMon, 18/07/2022  HeysenE2E Day 9: Gants Hill Rd - Mt Crawford                            14:52:04     91.21km     1,667 m

RunTue, 19/07/2022   HeysenE2E Day 10: Mt Crawford - Bridgewater                            17:12:08     101.95 km  3,353 m

RunWed, 20/07/2022  HeysenE2E Day 11: Bridgewater - Hindmarsh Tiers Rd                13:40:27     83.70km     1,473 m

RunThu, 21/07/2022   HeysenE2E Day 12: Hindmarsh Tiers Rd - Tapanappa                  15:01:29     90.92km     2,749 m

RunFri, 22/07/2022     Heysen E2E Day 13: Tapanappa to Cape Jervis Trailhead             5:03:00      28.61km     954 m…