FKT: Simon Edgett - Quinnipiac-Regicides (CT) - 2019-11-03

Gender category
Route variation
out & back on both trails
Finish date
Total time
15h 5m 44s

Beginning at the original northern terminus of the Quinnipiac Trail at Route 68 in Prospect, CT, the route runs south to it's junction with Regicides Trail near the summit of High Rock in Hamden. The route then follows Regicides Trail to it's southern Terminus at the south overlook of West Rock Ridge State Park in New Haven, then returns north along the same route back to High Rock. From here, the route heads east along the remainder of the Quinnipiac Trail to it's terminus on the edge of Sleeping Giant State Park at Hartford Turnpike on the Hamden/Wallingford border. From here, there is a final turnaround for the return along the entire Quinnipiac Trail to it's northern terminus in Prospect.

I cached water at the top of High Rock where I would cross three times. I also had a support vehicle at major crossings.

I had hoped this would have been about three hours shorter, but the depth of leaves on the ground and early darkness were definite impediments.