FKT: Simon Fitzmaurice - Capital Ring (London, UK) - 2019-04-07

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17h 2m 32s

Hi folks. I made my own attempt on the Capital Ring last night (7.4.19), setting off from the Viewtube in Stratford at 4am (1 mile walk from Stratford station with an all night service and buses).

In 2017, I ran the route in two days, and I have been building up to complete it in one shot ever since!

I completed a self supported attempt in 17hrs 02min 32sec overall (stopping at shops, cafes and water fountains on route for hydration and nuitrition- just me and a trail vest!).

The following parks were closed, so I had to run around them:

Beckton District Park

Maryon Park

Hornfair Park

Abney Cemetery

And I've added my Strava data here:

Garmin connect:

If anyone is looking to try it themselves, I'd be happy to answer questions about logistics!


Great run Simon