FKT: Simon-Pierre LeBlanc - La Traversée de Charlevoix (QC, Canada) - 2016-06-18

Route variation
Standard route
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Finish date
Total time
21h 17m 12s

NOTE:  Simon-Pierre's maps & links are lost.

I, Simon-Pierre LeBlanc, have completed the 105 km of the Traversée de Charlevoix included both secondary trails of mountains: Morios and La Noyée. The official time is 21 hours 17 minutes and 17 secondes. I used an Ambit 3 bu Suunto set to a 1 minute precision for it to last this long. My watch doesn't show full milage, unfortunately, because of precision loss. 

To fully complete the Traversée you need to pass by the secondary trails, which I have done. Here's my GPS tracking. I have circled both mountains:

Here it is again but not circled:

All previous athletes that I know of have completed only one or no secondary trails. There is one person (Michel Fortin) whom I think might have passed by them but finished in 23 hours and 22 minutes. Here's a article about him and Pierre-Étienne Vachon who has completed the Traversée in 19 hours or so but hasn't climbed Mount Morios. 

There is also three other guys, Nicolas Tremblay, Jean-Philippe Thibodeau and another person whom I don't know the name. They have completed the Traversée in 19 hours or so also without both secondary trails. 

Here's the link with all photos! Sorry for my last post, I didn't realize I was not logged in. I had a lot of trouble with linking pictures on this website also but they seem to work when you open them up in an other page!