FKT: Simon Ross - Oxford Green Belt Way (United Kingdom) - 2020-10-01

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11h 34m 41s
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Having run most sections of this route at various times I was keen to go for the whole thing in one go.  Knowing that some sections of fields and river paths get very claggy and slippy in winter I knew the weather window was probably closing for this year but with a glorious day of sunshine forecast for the 1st October it was time to give it a shot.  Heart in the mouth moment at 15 miles when the footpath was closed but a diversion ran parallel to it so nothing lost or gained.

The plan was to go unsupported taking on water at public drinking taps on the river.  Fortunately these were still open at both Abingdon Lock and Pinkhill Lock, enough to maintain supply for the day.  Generally felt pretty good throughout and only took a couple of ten minute breaks throughout otherwise eating and drinking on the go.  Stomach rebelled a bit around the 60-70k mark but after a planned walk section from Sparsey Bridge to Elsfield (recently ploughed fields) I managed to pick it back up again to the finish.

Highlight of the day which had some great views all round had to be the descent from Cumnor with views across Farmoor reservoir and Wytham Woods.  For future runners do note it is 55 miles as per the route description but at least in my head I was doing a 50 miler and so I would definitely be back before dark.  No need for a headtorch in the pack then....  Finished by phone light for the final hour.  Contented and off for a double McDonalds!