FKT: Simonne Guenette, Eliza Stowe - Catawba Triple Crown (VA) - 2021-09-11

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 22m 34s

We ran the loop clockwise, starting at the Newport Road intersection and heading up around 5:50am to catch the sunrise at Dragon's Tooth! This was out second time running the loop (after swearing to never run it again after the first time around), and we were accompanied with by some friends who ran parts of the loop with us. We carried food and water and stashed some refills at the Andy Lane and McAfee's Knob Parking lots. Since the water sources have been dry recently we stocked up on water at the parking lots. The weather was pretty mild until the last few miles, and the heat definitely started to get to us out in the sun for the last few miles.We pushed steadily the whole run but power hiked pretty much all of the ups and took break for snacks and to enjoy the beautiful views.