FKT: Sonia Buckley - First Flatiron (Boulder, CO) - 2018-08-23

Route variation
East Face Direct, TH-to-TH
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
47m 29s

Thought I’d see if taking the First Flatironette trail to the base was faster. It appeared to be 15-20 seconds slower or I was trying less hard. Sort of hard to tell. Met my new best friend Michael for the second day in a row. Was inspired to try hard on the face by Ryan Marsters, who was a pitch above me most of the way up and I was trying to catch him though I didn’t know it was him until we met on the downclimb. It was easier to descend in the daylight this time. No shortcuts on the way down just lots of people.

Note:  Sonia has also run 48m30s sticking on the main trail for the approach.