FKT: Sophie Littlefair - Scottish National Trail (United Kingdom) - 2023-05-11

Route variation
Standard route
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
11d 20h 22m 13s

I completed the Scottish National Trail in 11 days 20 hours 22 mins and 13 seconds. I started at the Border Hotel in Kirk Yetholm at 6:04 on Sunday 30th April 2023 and finished at Cape Wrath lighthouse at 2:17 on Friday 12th May 2023.

I completed the route in a supported fashion. My husband Phil, ran with me for approx. 1 hour each day and I had my friend Mike, join me for days 7 - 10. My husband drove the van to a resupply point each day (except day 6) and would meet me at the end. He would ensure I was fed and ready for the next day. I slept in our van 7 nights and in booked accommodation for 4 nights. 

I followed the trail as closely as possible according to the route detailed on walk highlands - There were some small diversions on the Union Canal (Day 3) and on south side of Loch Oich due to forestry feeling (Day 8). However, these did not impact the length or difficulty of the route. When my sleeping point was not at the start/finish of the day, I returned to the same point each morning to ensure I completed the route correctly. 

My tracker ran out of battery on my final day at Sandwood Bay. There is no way in or out from that point, other than by foot. The gpx tracks and photographs provided,  document that I completed the route in full.


That is so cool. Amazing work!