FKT: Spencer McCullough - Capitol Reef Four Canyon Loop (UT) - 2021-03-28

Route variation
Standard loop
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
5h 4m 32s
GPS track(s)

This route is one of the most beautiful I’ve ever run! I carried 3 liters of water and two Clif Bars (only ended up eating one) but I finished most of the water.

Sulphur Creek had a good amount of water crossings. I lost time taking my shoes off and trying to navigate the deeper ones barefoot. Ended up falling and soaking all my stuff, so I put my wet shoes on and continued. Looking back I wouldn’t have taken my shoes off (or maybe run that segment in water sandals), because they dried within 2-3 miles. 

There is one swim in Sulphur Creek. It’s pretty short but the water was about 5 feet deep and frigid.

Definitely spend a lot of time going over the map, and maybe hiking so segments first. The Cassidy Arch trailhead is pretty hidden and I would have missed it if I didn’t hike the beginning the day before. I got lost a few other times and probably lost 15ish minutes from that. 

The river at the end is strong but narrow and about waist deep. It’s a half mile from the start/end so I just jumped in with my shoes on and splashed my way to the end. 

The entrance to the Grand Wash is pretty big so I used the brown Grand Wash as my start and end point. 


Rad! Awesome effort Spencer! Fun to see people getting out on this one! It was one of my favorites to scout and put together!