FKT: Stephanie Bennett - Guana Tolomato Mantanzas Trail Loop - 2024-02-21

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1h 20m 42s
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After an epic rain storm over the weekend, the trails were a mix of mud, loose sand and pond.  However, it was a BEAUTIFUL day with blue sky and 60F temps!  I followed the GPX track and ran into ankle deep water about 1 mile in.  For mile 2 & 3, the water on the trail varied from ankle to almost knee deep with some random branches thrown in.  Essentially the whole western side of the park was a mix of pond, mud and loose sand.  When I finally got to the tip of the "red" trail on the southernmost point, it was beautiful running on less than hard pack trail for the remaining 3ish miles.  

I've run variations of this route over the last 10 years and always run into at least one local animal: Armadillo, Deer, Snake, Boar, Squirrel but this time there wasn't anything!  There was also a lot more people out on the trails than normal, so maybe the wildlife is just starting to stay away from the trails.