FKT: Stephen England - Mohican Mountain Bike Trail (OH) - 2020-06-02

Gender category
Route variation
Standard Loop
Finish date
Total time
3h 15m 27s
GPS track(s)

I returned to my one and only FKT site, the Mohican Mountain Bike Trails to stake claim to the unsupported time (as well as supported from last month). My previous time of 3h 24m was a success but I knew was soft. I fell 3 times, got lost twice and spent a little too long in between sections refueling and doing blood tests for my type 1 diabetes (no CGM for that one).

I decided to put the trail in Trail Tuesday and set off shortly after 6:15am on 6/2 (sunrise was 6am). I again took off clockwise from the start of the trailhead aka car park. Mile 1 was 8:23 or so, I guess I hadn't learned my lesson to pace myself. This course is rolling single track with roots and rocks the whole way with the majority of climbing in the first half. The mile 2 climb slowed me down and put me in order. By mile 9 or so, I settled in nicely and knew I was right around my previous time, blood glucose was steady and no one was out on the trail but me. The covered bridge is just over halfway and I hit that at 1h 40m. My first sighting of humans too, some intrigued fisherman. By now, I felt confident I was going to beat my previous time. Just don't get lost or fall badly.

This time I used the live AllTrails app as proof but also to save me (twice) from going the wrong way at tight turns with options. I saw more deer (6) than bikes (5) than hikers (3). I took one fall with 2 miles to go just as I was thinking "I haven't fallen over yet....". I struck out on runners. Perhaps they were saving themselves for Global Running Day? Anyway, I digress. I rolled into the finish at 3h 15m 27s on my watch at least. I was getting greedy and wanted to take a whole hour off the previous unsupported time but not this time. I'm happy to lay claim to both records now on what is fast becoming one of my favorite trails. I believe sub-3 is very doable. The trick is to know the course as there are side trails, don't daydream and then fall and most importantly, don't attempt this when it is busy. Runners have to give way to the bikes and it is safer and more fun to have the trails to yourself anyway. Lastly, this one's for Tom O'Reilly. Love ya mate!