FKT: Stephen Redfern - Blue Mountains Creek to Peak Loop (NSW, Australia) - 2020-06-06

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Total time
18h 42m 41s

Ran John Newman's "Blue Mountains Creek to Peak Loop" FKT starting at same place as John in Blaxland and also ran in same direction being Anti-Clockwise
my attempt was run Solo and Unsupported, carrying everything I needed from start to finish, and having no support at all or drop bags anywhere throughout the attempt
started the FKT attempt on Friday the 5th june 2020 @ 8pm and finished on Saturday 6th june 2020 @ 2.42pm
total time taken to run the loop was 18hrs:42mins:38secs
the run attempt was announced on facebook a week before and was also announced to john Newman of the intentions to give the loop an attempt, who was acknowledged as being the FKT creator
my wife Penny Redfern verified the run by seeing me off on the Friday with a pre photo, and being at the end when I finished also with a photo, both being uploaded to facebook for others to see
to verify the run I have uploaded the gpx file of the run along with links to strava and suunto of my recording
there is also a photo uploaded of my watch of my completed distance and time
in the trip report is a link to my facebook page which has all the uploads of the run with shares of others following online and having photos taken of others runners passed along the way as verification, there is a small writeup of the start and one of the finish showing completed, and shares of the attempt and completed run by other groups and individuals on facebook too.

Got water from 3 public Taps only along the way

1st was at Tom Hunter Park 25km in

2nd at Leura 75km in

3rd was at Oaks Trail Head 110km in