FKT: Stephen Redfern - Glenbrook Lollipop (NSW, Australia) - 2020-10-28

Route variation
Standard route
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
10h 19m 54s

Glenbrook Lollypop Loop FKT
Ran Solo & Unsupported 
100km 2250m+ Elevation 
Completed in 10hr:19min

Managed to take 1hr:32min off the Record which was set back in August by Michaela McDonald, Tim Lyndon & Dan Bleakman as a supported run.
Thanks for providing the course for a great challenge.
Certainly enjoyed this run ?

Was a great MWLR as part of my Coast2Kosci training.

The loop which starts at the Glenbrook NP entrance, takes in the Oaks Ft, Bedford creek FT, Inga FT to King Tablelands Rd in Wentworth Falls. Then looping down the Anderson FT back to the Oaks Ft, and back to the start point in Glenbrook.

To stay true to the Unsupported run, I carried everything I needed from start to finish and picked up my water from Public taps only, which on this loop is only avail at the Oaks FT trail head in Woodford (25k & 75k). Reason for filling 5 bottles of fluids on the run out as it had to last for 50km.

Even though it was a bit humid, was lucky to have fairly cool temps for the day and staying overcast. With this the run felt really good and was stoked to being able to run the complete way staying nice and consistent. 
My only 2 slow Km were at the 25 & 75k points where I had to fill up my fluids.

Nutrition for the run was nine 500ml bottles of Tailwind, some with 2 and other with 2 1/2 scoops in each, and found this was plenty to get me through the 10hours of the run
Shoes were my HOKA Challenger ATR 5, which at 1000k’s on them now may need replacing ?‍♂️
Also the T8 shorts worked a treat as always allowing me to be able to carry the extra to get to the end.

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