FKT: Stephen Redfern, Scott Richmond - Royal National Park Loop - 2021-07-03

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After having both our races cancelled due to the current lockdown we decided to put all our training together to run an FKT through the Royal National Park. After having run a similar route last year and adjusting it to create our run, we came up with a 105km full loop of the Royal National Park, creating a continuous loop which that at no point doubles back on itself to start and finish at the same place.

this allows anyone to run the route being able to start at any point along the way and can also be challenged in either direction.

For our FKT run, with a 5am start we decided to start the run at Anzac oval in Engadine, running it in the Clockwise direction, with the finish along the Woronora pipeline track back to the same start point.

From the start it’s only about 1km before you cross over the Engadine Railway station and head into the Royal National Park where you get to spend the rest of the run enjoying looping around. We turned left to follow the trails around to Loftus and then down towards Audley and crossing the weir. 
From here we then head on up the technical trails to Winifred and Anice falls before coming out onto the Mainbar road just as the sun was rising. After reaching the road we had a nice easy section around to Bundeena before our first water stop on our way to the coastal track, which we continued all the way to the southern section.

We even had the privilege of being able to spot some whales heading up the coast. At the end of the coastal track, you head back to Garrawerra farm at the 60km mark where we had our 3rd water pickup. After leaving here you head on over to the Walumarra trail which takes you down to the forest path and Lady Carrington Track, that you go along back towards Audley.

With our last water stop here, we headed on up Robinson roundabout and along the trail to Uloola Falls and on up to Waterfall, where you get to cross the main highway by the overpass.

The last section from here is then down the Bullawarring trail past the spectacular Kingfisher pool onto the Pipeline trail where you can finish off with a great rhythm back to the start line at Anzac oval.

The run was completed at 5:37pm and managed to complete the 105km run for the 1st FKT in a total time of 12hrs:37min.