FKT: Stephen Schieberl, Scott Martin - Wy' Cool 50km/50mi/100km (OR) - 2018-11-12

Route variation
50 km
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
6h 7m 53s
GPS track(s)

Strava added the few seconds between when we "paused" the run at the end and selected "save" when calculated the elapsed time. We started our watches together at the start and crossed together at the end with 6:07:53 on both our watches.

Scott shared the previous FKT with Taylor Spike. When I told him I was going to try to beat his and Taylor Spike's FKT for the Wy'cool 50k with a 6:45 goal, he asked if he could come. Obvi! Really strong start. Scott stayed strong all morning. I was humbled and impressed. Cold air, undertraining, underhydrating, and who knows what else kicked off some nasty cramping in everything from my hips down, which hit intermittently from mile 13 on. We kept adjusting our goal down as the day went well (even with my cramping), eventually shooting for sub-6h. We missed that, but still shaved over an hour off the FKT!

It was an absolutely beautiful, clear day with long views out to the now-white volcanoes. It was perfect, but maybe a few degrees too cold. We ran this not unlike a race. We left the phones behind and didn't stop for photos or visit the lookout tower (which isn't part of the route). We made one stop to refill water (from natural source) and a few brief stops for me to pound out hamstring cramps. ;)

Now we'll have to come back and sub-6 this thing on a slightly warmer day...