FKT: Stephen Sensoli - Mason Tract Pathway (MI) - 2023-09-23

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
1h 8m 58s

This is the Mason Tract one way unsupported FKT going from the north to south.

SB: 1:08:58
NB: 1:14:61

This was my third time trying to get the one way and OAB FKT on the Mason Tract Pathway.  I pushed hard for the first half to get the one way FKT and struggled the last 3 miles to miss out on the OAB FKT by 3 minutes. The main reason I've been coming here is because Mason Tract is one of the few active FKT routes in Northern Michigan. Overall, the area is really nice but the trail itself could be marked better. There are at least ten fallen trees on the trail, which makes things interesting. I stopped at the Chase Bridge parking lot (half way) for less than 10 seconds to grab a previously stashed banana and Body Armor drink.. I am planning on getting the OAB FKT in the Fall, as it's hard but doable. I would love to see more people attempting Northern Michigan FKTs. There doesn't seem like there is a lot of people doing FKTs in the area.