FKT: Steven Gnam - Mt. Stuart - 2022-10-18

Route variation
Cascadian Couloir
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 31m 0s

Up: 2hr:32min
Down: 1:59
All-around: 4:31

Got a much-needed break from the smoke, thanks to the grandparents watching my daughter. This was my first time on Mt. Stuart. I made a couple errors moving around the false summit to the true summit. Nothing major but a few dead ends that involved more climbing than I was expecting. I didn't see anyone beyond a mile or two of the trailhead. However, I think if there were folks in the Cascadian Couloir you'd need dial it back since those melon-sized granite balls could do some damage. I stopped and filtered h20 at Ingall’s Creek (and ran out before the summit) and then again on my way back down stopped at the spring that crosses the trail about 50 yards west of where the Cascadian climbers trail intersects the Ingall’s trail. Also stopped twice to dump rocks from the shoes on the descent. The boot-top scree+dust combo was very good at filling the shoes.

Video report: