FKT: Steven LaBranche - Shenipsit Trail (CT) - 2020-04-17

Route variation
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9h 16m 2s

With the racing season scrapped, I quickly turned to a goal run of mine, the Shenipsit Trail E2E FKT. I've run the route on 3 other occasions during the post-Thanksgiving group runs, so I was familiar enough with the route.
Went out faster than anticipated. I didn't notice as it seemed effortless in the early miles, but it caught up to me shortly after the half way point. I was fortunate enough to have Tony for crew, as those later miles would have been tenfold more difficult without a quick seat, and a refill on hydration and positivity.
Much to my surprise, the course was quite wet. Lots of quick dips into the woods to work my way around mud pits and pools of standing water.
Route is was the full blue blaze trail, no work-arounds, and no additional half mile at the end to round it to 50.