FKT: Steven Lange - Columbia Trail (NJ) - 2020-05-31

Route variation
one way
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
1h 28m 0s

Started the Columbia Trail at 7 o clock in High Bridge and took it northbound to Long Valley. Weather was 52 degrees Fahrenheit with a slight breeze, perfect weather for running! This attempt was supported with my friend Brandon who rode the gravel bike along side me the whole way. I had him carry two 20-ounce water bottles for me, one with tailwind and the other with regular H20 (AKA the special stuff from the movie space jam). He would ride ahead of me when there was a road crossing to see if it was safe to pass, and luckily I didn’t have to stop for any cars on the route today. I carried 2 gels (one maurten gel, one huma) taking the first one 35 minutes in and the 2nd around the hour mark. Mile Splits were 6:12, 5:56, 6:19, 5:49, 5:52, 5:52, 5:50, 5:58, 5:51, 5:46, 5:41, 5:42, 5:37, 5:32, 5:33. At mile 14 I almost stepped on a chipmunk who apparently didn’t want to move, that was the most dangerous encounter of the day by far. The route is pancake flat with a few dips but nothing you can’t maintain your speed through. I did this FKT to test out my flat lander running speeds and to set the bar for the local roadies. Here it is boys; I know you guys can crush this FKT! Get after it, challenge created…!