FKT: Stu Gibson - South Coast Track (Tasmania) - 2015-05-30

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9h 5m

On 30th May 2015 Stu Gibson ran the complete South Coast track (South West Tasmania) in 9hrs 5mins (Melaleuca to Cockle Creek). This attempt was solo and unsupported, in somewhat rather winter conditions. It was also independently verified using a live spot tracker GPS during the run.

Matt Thornton posted:

My name is Matt Thornton and I (along with a few others) tracked Stu live on the Spot tracker page during his run on May 2015, additionally, verified by a few walkers on the trail at the time. (Rachael Sears & Brian Martin – contact details provided & available).

Firstly, I can confirm Stu ran 9hrs 5mins for the SCT 30th May 2015.

Secondly, the overall average pace of the run was 9 kph, not 10 kph, as you note.

Reviewing the data and the specific section of the trail you refer too (Ironbound - Louisa River to Little Deadman’s Bay), the average pace was 6.1 kph.

I have attached a his split times below.

As you won’t see YouTube videos, self-promoting blogs, media reports and Facebook charity pages of Stu running, I will take this opportunity to provide some context to his run on the South Coast Track, it’s perhaps worth noting the 5 or 6-month lead-up,

• Nov 2014 – Runs Triple Top mountain run, wins taking 2 mins off the 16yrs old course record. (Stu & John McKenna remain the only 2 people to run sub 2hrs)

• Dec 2014 – 4 weeks training at altitude in Falls Creek in preparation for B2H

• Jan 2015 – B2H is cancelled due to weather event.

• Jan 31st 2015 – Runs South Coast Track in 10hrs 20mins (just outside fastest known time, at that point - verified using spot tracker)

• Feb 7th 2015 – Runs Cradle Mountain Run, wins in sub 8hrs (overland track).

• March 14th 2015 – Runs 6-foot track marathon race. Wins in course record time in first attempt. (Stu & Ben Artup remain the only 2 people to run sub 3:20 for the 6-foot track)

• March 21st 2015 – Runs the Western Arthurs Range in 10hrs 40mins, taking +1hr off the fastest known time. (verified using spot tracker & several walkers out on the range)

• April 18th 2015 – Runs South Coast Track in 9hrs 40mins (verified using spot tracker)

• May 30th 2015 – Runs the South Coast Track (for the 3rd time inside 4 months), in a time of 9hrs 5mins. Verified using spot tracker & walkers on trail.


M: 0457 061 700

30/05/2015 Distance (km) Split (time)

Melaleuca 0 0

Point Eric 10.4km  50mins 

Louisa Creek 30.1km  2hrs 10mins

Little Deadman’s bay 42.6km  4hrs 12mins

Prion Beach/New River outlet 52.2km 5hrs 2mins

Surprise Bay 61.1km  6hrs 7mins

Granite Beach 64.3km  6hrs 35mins

South Cape Rivulet 73.1km  8hrs 3mins

Cockle Creek 83.9km  9hrs 5mins

Richard Fairbrother posted:

I also followed Stuart on the attached spot link below during his South Coast Run.

I can verify that he ran 9:05 hrs for the South Coast Track on 30/05/2015.



Awesome run! 
Does anyone know if Stu went upstream to use the provided boat at New River Lagoon, or did he wade across closer to Point Cecil?