FKT: Stuke Sowle - Rainy Pass - Cascade Pass (WA) - 2019-08-01

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Finish date
Total time
15h 31m 46s

Feels good to finally close this one out. This line seems so obvious to me but haven't heard of many doing it in a single push. Feels a bit like the North Cascades version of the R2R2R only it's a P2P2P. :)

Brought my Skin 12 that was broken (duh) but luckily had a Sense 8 stashed in my rig. Crammed it as best I could and went for it. First trip across was cool and went very smoothly. Pacing was spot on. Then the heat struck on the climb to Cascade Pass and by the return trip began to get stifling. With about nine miles to go, I had to stop and just cool down and wait it out a bit. Still very happy with my time and with this experience.