FKT: Susan Oh - Banks-Vernonia State Trail (OR) - 2023-05-05

Route variation
Out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
6h 12m 0s

when a last minute decision to sign up for a race 4 hours away has to pivot to finding my own adventure when said race was full, i looked to my new favorite timesuck, the fastestknowntime site

the banks-veronia trail is not my usual cup of tea but after a long winter of snowy trails in bend, i wondered if all the flatter road running i did paid off so instead of a vert-heavy race, i decided this would be a great fun new goal. this rail-to-trail path is entirely paved and aside from one very short section, barely perceptible grade changes. well... imperceptible on the first half... definitely perceptible on the return haha. theres toilets but no potable water along the trail so if you are attempting this unsupported, bring more hydration than i did!

beautiful scenery along the trail with little treats like bunnies, white birch forests, and moody foggy misty hills. this was a great run to just lock in to a go-forever pace mindset and trust your body to keep the perpetual motion going.

by the numbers: 28 snails (not including some smashed bois), 5 bunnies, 2 banana slugs, 2 weimeraners, 2 mini-poodles, 2 burly pitties, one horse, 3 fluffy indeterminate good dogs, 2 rangers and a few dozen nice people.

1.5 liters of tailwind, 3 oat-walnut pancakes, 3 tablespoons peanut butter, one banana


That's movin'. Great work!