FKT: Susie May - Canterbury Outer Ring (United Kingdom) - 2020-08-26

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4h 24m 43s
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A lovely run through woods, fields and farmland around Canterbury. Running down by the River Stour was beautiful. The route also went through orchards and hop gardens. The essence of Kent. The signposts were a great back-up, but if you were only following them, you’d really struggle with navigating the route. I went wrong a few times and had to re-trace my steps. I met several friendly dogs (with humans), assertive sheep, baa-ing for my attention, and a momma cow who was guarding the kissing gate I needed to go through. We had a bit of a chat and she let me pass. From the elevation profile, it looks like the second half has far more downhill, but it didn’t feel like that! I’ve registered this run as supported, as my friend met me to cheer me on and I topped up with some of her water. Very welcome on a hot day in August. This run could easily be achieved unsupported though.