FKT: Suzanne "Sunny" Stroeer - Buckskin & Paria Canyons (UT) - 2020-05-17

Route variation
Buckskin-Paria (Wire Pass to Lee's Ferry)
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
14h 44m 10s
GPS track(s)

Wirepass to Lee's Ferry, ~47 miles (depending on which map/GPS you trust).
I know that this wasn't the slowest 47ish miles that I've ever run, but it's probably a close second to some of my high altitude sufferfests - and this one is down at 4000ft ASL, so no altitude excuses ;) I made good pace through Buckskin Gulch, which was in great condition. The Paria was low, and I continued to move reasonably well for the first 10-15 miles after the confluence but slowed down drastically on the last third of the route. Turns out that 4 mile training runs are NOT optimal prep for an almost 50-mile route, who could have known! Still a beautiful day out in my new backyard and, I believe, a women's OKT on this route.