FKT: T-Roy Brown - Bernia (Spain) - 2022-04-19

Route variation
up & down
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Start date
Finish date
Total time
2h 25m 6s
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I went pretty slow here so this is easily beatable just thought someone should set a standard. I started at the beach around 12:30 on a day with a high of about 25 degrees Celsius and brought no water or anything. Probably could have used some water but it was short enough that I was okay. Had to stop to navigate a few times but on the whole I would say the course is pretty self explanatory and I am bad at orienteering. The very top is pretty steep technical and I lost the trail a little bit. This caused me to loose a lot of time especially on the decent. I think the top should be at this post in the pictures attached (sorry unable to attach. not sure why i keep getting an error) it was a little bit further than the originally uploaded route I think but not materially. It as about 100 meters further along the ridge. Anyway it was nice and I would recommend. If it is any hotter than 25 degrees definitely bring water.