FKT: Tara Dower - Benton MacKaye Trail (GA, TN, NC) - 2022-06-12

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4d 21h 25m 0s

First off, big shout out to my mom, Flipper, Liz, Pete, Hunter, and Chris who crewed and paced me. I’m thankful for supportive friends and family. I could of not done this without y’all.

I began my supported attempt of the Benton MacKaye Trail overall FKT on June 7th at 3:01am. 4 days, 21 hours and 25 minutes later I had made it to the southern terminus on top of Springer Mountain. Ending June 12TH at 12:26am. 

The first “day” was a big push through the entire Smokies section to Fontana Dam Visitor Center. During this day I saw a big black bear, was caught in some very cold rainy weather for hours, and smacked my head on a tree nearly concussing myself.

Day two I would be attempting to make it the Pheasant Fields but after getting caught in a HUGE thunder and lightening storm atop a mountain for 10 miles I made it back to the van 2.5 hours later than expected at Unicoi Crest Overlook to call it a night.

Day three is what I like to call my “push day” where I made up some big miles to Lost Creek Campground. A crew members car nearly fell of a mountain and he had to go into town to get it repaired.

Day four was the first day I had some serious pains all day in my feet from untreated blisters. This day I made it to Bushy Head rd.

Day five was my favorite day on trail. Friends and pacers came out to cheer me on as I finished up some big miles to Springer Mountain.

I attempted an overall BMT record October of 2021 but only made it 2 days due to injury and other circumstances. I feel grateful to have had the opportunity to run this trail again.