FKT: Taylor Nowlin - Grand Canyon Crossings (AZ) - 2018-11-21

Route variation
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Finish date
Total time
7h 25m 58s

Just 4 days after Ida Nilsson's excellent 7:29:16, and 2 days after Sandi Nypaver's near miss of 7:33:05, Taylor Nowlin of Flagstaff took another 3+ minutes off.  From Strava:

"Total time was 7:25:58, took me a second to hit ‘stop’. Thank you to Tana Seaford for crewing me when I got to the North Rim, Jim Walmsley and Jess Brazeau for getting me to dig deep those last 800m and my boo Nico Barraza for helping me get all the logistics together for this (not to mention coaching me and pacing me on South Kaibab) then ordering me pizza after ? I am thoroughly impressed and inspired by the R2R2R runs that Cat, Ida and Sandi put together and thankful I had the opportunity to do the same!"

Short video at the North Rim:

Taylor started at 6am to get ahead of the mule trains, the heat of the day, and the majority of the crowd.  Finished 1:36pm.