FKT: Taylor Shuford - Las Trampas Ridge (CA) - 2022-07-02

Route variation
out & back
Gender category
Start date
Finish date
Total time
3h 28m 55s
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I had a last-minute change to a July 4th camping trip due to Covid, so decided to take down a local FKT during the long weekend. Woke up Saturday and took the Muni to Bart to CountyConnector bus, which dropped me <1 mile from the trailhead – pretty happy about that.

Gear List = Nathan VaporKrar, 2L of water, handful of Endurolytes, Clif Bars & Bloks, homemade burrito, sunglasses, hat, BT headphones, small portable charger, sunscreen, and lightweight hoodie

Like the attempts before me, I started at the gate at Elworthy Staging Area. It’s up the short, paved road connecting the neighborhood to the parking lot. Visibility was already limited (I couldn’t see the top of the ridge) due to dense clouds. I checked my phone one last time before setting off: 56 degrees & 11:03am.

The route starts out with a steep incline to the ridge, featuring many grazing cattle. On the way up & along the ridge I didn’t get many views because of the clouds. And in many sections, the wind was absolutely ripping. So much so, the hat and headphones were a no-go. I saw plenty of other hikers and runners throughout, although mostly concentrated in the first 5.5 miles. Starting at the opposite end would have been tough as the trailhead is hidden behind a trailer (see photo). This second climb really thrashed the hamstrings but once back on the ridge, it was smooth sailing to the trailhead. Finished up – like I’d started: w/ a hand on Elworthy gate – in 3hr 28min. It was 59 degrees, with some light cloud coverage but mostly sunny. Solid running weather & views on the back half of the journey – now off to Chick-Fil-A.