FKT: Ted Erkkila, Michele Zandoná - Five Sisters Loop (NY) - 2020-06-28

Route variation
Standard Loop
Gender category
Mixed-gender team
Start date
Finish date
Total time
4h 10m 46s

We had heard about the new FKT at Bear Mountain from and wanted to get out and explore the route as it seemed really fun and away from the busy weekend. We started just after 6am to avoid the crowds and heat and were treated to a climb up through the fog as we started up the AT stairs. We used the provided gpx on a Suunto Spartan Ultra route (no map, only track and breadcrumb) so we overshot a few of the turns and had to backtrack as it is a beautiful course and the views were very distracting. We moved deliberately, but on such a beautiful day two friends still found time to enjoy the views of the mountains and the river and appreciate the treasures found in what is within and all around. - Michel & Ted


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Really awesome that someone else tried FKT route i created :) and cool that someone posted it to the site.  When we attempted it we missed a few spots ourselves as it is so nice out there it is very easy to get distracted.  Awesome job though!