FKT: Thibauld Braet - Groene Gordel Brugge (Belgium) - 2020-12-05

Route variation
Standard loop
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Total time
5h 57m 1s
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As the route has multiple starting points, I decided to start in Damme saving the part I know best for last: 10 miles along the canal and the ring of Bruges. So I chose Oude Sluisdijk in Damme as the starting point and ran the loop clockwise.

Starting this route at 5h30 in the morning, I would ran the first three hours in the dark so unfortunately I couldn't really enjoy the surroundings existing mainly of fields and forests. When passing through residential areas, it was rare to see any lights burning and besides the occasional kilometers of cobble stone sections, legs were feeling quite good.

At kilometer 30, the sun rise set in and it was much more pleasant to run because I also reached Tilleghem forest. It was the first time I came there but will go there for more of my trainings. Kilometer 40 is the point where it got tough. I ran into the closed rail road of Varsenare and decided to stand still while waiting. Terrible decision. These few minutes at 0°C were enough to make my muscle and joints completely stiff. I forced myself until the marathon point but then I reached the canal with an ice cold head wind and decided to walk the last section (12k).

Looking back at it, it was definitely worth it and I'm eager to try more of these ultraruns. The hardest part though were the cold wind and especially the paved roads which my joints hated. If I ever need a new knee, I'll think back about this day :p At 1m96, my weight will always be a challenge but I can definitely enjoy it more choosing unpaved roads.

As a first FKT experience, this was a good start. Hard but rewarding and worth it to do it again. Will choose one with a majority of unpaved roads though