FKT: Thomas Beedell - Epping Forest Challenge Walk (UK) - 2020-06-21

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Standard route
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2h 12m 45s

Rain stopped just before but was muddy in places. Overall happy with how it went. Thanks to Harold for the inspiration/target!

I would recommend reading Graham Law's report before attempting. I did a month ago but then forgot what it said so ended up having navigation issues up to High Beech where i criss-crossed between the ride and the footpath. No issues after that, although i'm not sure the pre-Yardley hill route we've all followed is correct as it doesn't seem logical. Someone needs to buy the book to verify! See strava link for my activity photos.

Also worth noting that all FKTs on this route have been clockwise and that Chingford Plains has become the 'established' start/finish point, rather than Waltham Abbey.